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Airplane Flight Training in Lancaster, PA

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Discover an experience like no other when you learn to fly at Smoketown Flight Center. Whether you are looking to become a career pilot or would like to fly recreationally, the decision to earn your pilot license is one that will lead to breathtaking experiences and lasting memories. As a prospective pilot, you will find everything you need and more to make your flight dreams come true at our facility. We offer an impressive variety of flight courses taught by experienced instructors.

Pilot Training at Smoketown Airport

Flight Train as a Hobby or Profession

At Smoketown Flight Center, it is our mission to bring the exhilarating experience of flight to the residents of Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Our courses are aimed at taking prospective pilots with zero experience and turning them into flight-ready professionals. After completing a course taught at our facility, newly licensed pilots will start a new chapter in their lives with the training needed to enjoy one life’s most incredible experiences.

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Whether you are thinking of becoming an airline pilot or would like to fly recreationally, there is no better time than now to earn your pilot’s license. One of our flight programs is what you need to start your journey towards that goal. Contact us today to discuss your options and learn more about our programs!