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Here at Smoketown Flight Center, we have a well maintained and diverse group of aircraft that allows for all kinds of training and experience in the fixed wing world. Below you will find the hourly rates and equipment for our aircraft. 

SEL Instructor Rate: $60/hr

Cessna 150 c150 interior

N6140G Cessna 150K

Standard: $125

  • MX300 Nav/Com
  • VFR/IFR Trainer
  • VOR
  • Altitude
  • DG
  • coordinator
  • ADS-B

N5239K Cessna 172P

Standard: $165

  • Garmin 430
  • VFR/IFR Trainer
  • Dual G5s
  • 2 axis autopilot w/ altitude preselect
  • TruTrak autopilot
  • Second Garmin radio
  • Two VOR's
  • CDI/glidescope
  • Altitude
  • DG
  • Turn coordinator
  • 160HP engine
tt instrument panel

N969TT Cessna 172M

Standard: $165

  • Garmin SL30 Nav Comm
  • Apollo GPS/Comm
  • ADS-B

N24597 Beechcraft B19 Musketeer

Standard: $155

  • Dual Nav Comm
  • KLX 135A GPS